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Conference Retreat Renovation

Due to the lock down of the country caused by COVID-19, we canceled all the activities at the conference center. Since the building was raised over twenty years ago, there was very minimal maintenance work done. We wanted to use this time for renovation which will address some safety issues. The work is in progress and we are sending funds as they become available. Please help us to see the completion of this project. Donate here

Anti-Human Trafficking project

Anti-Human Trafficking project in collaboration with Vanguard University. Last month I introduced Dr. Sandra Morgan who leads The Global Center for Women and Justice at Vanguard University, to Mission Link Foundation in Romania, the ministry I visited on the last trip to my home land. Our joint efforts will be focused on preventing human trafficking, protecting the victims of human trafficking and prosecuting the traffickers through law enforcement. My ten years’ experience as a police chaplain will enable me to expand my work with similar organizations in Romania. On my next trip I am invited to connect with an officer representing the Christian Association of Police Officers in Romania. Get Involved ➢

Pastor’s Conference

Pastor’s Conference in Hungary, with participation of ministers and church leaders from Eastern Europe and Brazil. This is going to be our Reformation 500+3 Conference, which builds on our previous work in the growing network. Our mission is to strengthen our church planning efforts in some areas hostile to the Gospel. This conference was postponed due to COVID-19, date TBD.

English Camps for Children

English camps and Family camp. These are VBS-type ministry outreaches in the community. We will be working with local churches to minister to the children and families in their communities. We’ve had children’s ministry outreach for almost three decades now. The Camps were canceled due to COVID-19. The pastors decided they will do activities in their local church.

Women’s Conference – Fall 2020

Women’s Conference. This will be our second women’s conference, with participation of pastor’s wives and their guests, for the purpose of teaching and outreach. For strategic reasons,  we are considering separating this conference into two locations, with meetings in both Romania and Hungary.

Future Projects

  • We will collaborate with the Presbyterian Church from Sangeorgiu de Padure to do a community outreach in the village Roua.
  • We will like to initiate support for pastor Gabriel Curcubet in his leading and promoting of home schooling in Romania.
  • We will start collaborating with Madalin Potoroaca and his outreach through the projects of Port of Hope.